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Hillary Clinton for President in 2008!
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As Senator Kerry has conceded unfortunately, it is time to look to 2008 where the rising star of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton will come in to save us. Men have spent the last 228 years screwing up the country and it's about time a woman becomes president. Women are badly underrepresented in politics in America and this is unacceptable for an "enlightened" country such as ours. As a proud Democrat, I would not mind having either Hillary or Barack Obama run for president in 2008. They would do a far more effective job than Bunnypants has done.

I believe that the time has come for America to look past its prejudices and to embrace the future. The question is always asked, "Is the country ready for a woman or a minority in high office?" It's always said, "Now's not the time. Now's not the time." ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are TIRED of waiting! Rich white guys are NOT the only group suited for the White House, and this statement is justified after what we've seen Bunnypants do in office. A puppet would have done better.
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